NOVA3D BENE4 Mono 3D Printer Free Leveling Resin 3D Printer 130 * 80 * 150 mm LCD/SLA 3D printer with 4.3in touchscreen, offline/WiFi printing

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【Longer printing life & Fast printing】 : Bene4 mono Equipped with 2560*1620 6.08in monochrome screen, UV light transmittance improved by 3.9% comparing with original Bene4. Lower LCD Temperature,Extend service life by about 2.5 times compared with the color screen, and the normal use time can reach 2000 hours. Meanwhile, the printing speed is increased by 2 times compared to all the color screen resin printer, and the printing time is 50% decreased. Which greatly saved your time .
【Free leveling & Stability】 : Similarly, we continued the leveling-free design, this design is loved by the majority of users. Not only does it eliminate the trouble of leveling that has been criticized by others, but it is also easy to use, even a beginner can print a perfect model.NOVA3D Bene4 mono LCD printer with full-metal body to improve machine quality and enhance printing stability.

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NOVA3D BENE4 MONO 3D printer print faster with monochrome screen, pre-leveling design 130 * 80 * 150 mm construction volume, MSLA resin printer WLAN / offline printing

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❶ Print Speed Improved: compared to Bene4, 6.08 inches monochrome screen Bene4 Mono 3D printer transmittance increased by 3.9% to 2560x1620px resolution, print speed is 200% times & service life is 2.5 times than Bene4, it will save about 17% printing time.
❷ Free od Leveling: Bene4 Mono 3D printer keep our product free of leveling characteristic, more friendly use to beginner. Flip cover makes convenient use, resin vat feet prevent fep film scratched by table and keep your table clean. Quick release side window reduce your maintenance time for replacing LCD scree

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NOVA3D Elfin2 Mono SE 3D LCD Resin Printer Auto Calibration & WiFi Printing, 130x70x150mm Print Size & Built in 8GB Memory

⚡Fast printing with MONO screen screen⚡NOVA3D Elfin2 MONO SE equipped with 6.08 inch 2560 * 1620 monochrome screen (130 * 75 * 150mm build volume). The printing speed is increased by 2.0 times compared to all normal printers with resin, and the printing time is reduced by 37%.
⚡Longer Printing Lifespan⚡With the 2K monochrome screen, the UV light transmission improved by 3.9% compared to the original Elfin2. Lower LCD temperature (42 ℃), extended the service life about 2.5 times compared to the color screen, and the normal usage time can reach 2000 hours
⚡Improved Light intensity⚡Elfin2 MONO SE has been equipped with # 3 Generation Crystal Light Source, which has been proven to perform better than Matrix UV light sources. And NOVA3D adjusted all gray levels of the monochrome screen.

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NOVA3D ELFIN3 MINI Resin Printer with 5.5 Inch Monochrome, Gen 3rd Crystal LED, UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer, 4.72″(L) x 2.56″(W) x 5.9″(H) Printing Size

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【Higher Precision & Fast printing】ELFIN3 MINI is equipped with 5.5 inch Monochrome and #3 Crystal UV light source to achieve fast printing for your manufacturing & prototyping process, and there is NO excess residue after multiple printing. Reduce your cleaning troubles.
【Multiple Slicing Software support】NOVAMAKER, ChituBox , Lychee multi-slicing software is available, there is always one that suits your taste. ★Please download at NOVA3D offcial Web.

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NOVA3D Vortex2 Whirlpool Washing Cleaner for LCD/DLP/SLA Resin 3d Printer Washing Bucket for 405nm/356nm 3D Printed Model With Powerful washing function & 80x180x150mm size

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【Stronger cleaning power than an ultrasonic cleaner】: the streamlined butterfly wave wheel is used. The wave wheel drives the water to wash away the residual resin on the model. The wave wheel rotates repeatedly to quickly clean the model without residue. It is more sutable to clean the resin models than ultrasonic cleaner.
【Flexible Washing Mode】 A platform bracket is included to fix the printing platform. In this way,you can directly take out the newly printed model then hang the buildplate to cleaning.

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