Creality All-in-one UV Curing and Washing Machine for SLA/DLP/LCD 3D Printed Resin Models, Three gears adjustable speed, with Magnetic 360°Rotatable Platform and Large Size Washing container.

【2 in 1 Intelligent Design】All-in-one wash and cure machine,one step to finish the model postprocess, It integrates the curing and cleaning functions of the resin model, just one machine can replace the original multi-machine operation. The operation method is simple, It saves time and effort, and can also meet your dual needs at the same time.
【18 Lamp Beads Double Row-Dual Band UV Curing】Built-in dual-row dual-band 18 UV curing lamp beads (385nm+405nm)/9pcs curing LED lights, with 360° “mirror reflective” curing rotating platform. Compared with other machines on the market, UW-01 has a higher irradiable area、stronger light source reflection ability, so it can be cured quickly and omni-directionally. (The two blind areas that are often overlooked-the top and bottom of the model, will also be irradiated by UV light and cured perfectly)
【Flexible Washing Mode,Larger Wash Container 】The model can be washed separately in the washing basket or mount the build plate with models on it and wash them together, which can avoid direct contact to uncured resin. The height of the platform bracket can be adjusted to fit the liquid level in the bucket, This equipment has the largest washing container currently on the market(190×154×200mm) which can accommodate larger size resin models for cleaning.

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